“Shut down that network, then you’ll get your repairs.”

She left the meeting with a sour taste, and strolled through the grand foyer, flexing glitchy cybernetic fingers.

» Download complete « pinged across her view. A car waited by the curb and flashy skyscrapers shrunk away as it drove her across the city, to a hidden basement complex.

“Got it all,” she said, “didn’t have a clue.”

Her growing team poured over the stolen data, cleaned it up then released it to the network.

The rich had misused their tools. She found them a new purpose.

She flexed her hands seamlessly.

© 2021 Rebecca Glaessner

November 18: Flash Fiction Challenge « Carrot Ranch
In 99 words (no more, no less), write about tools. Whose tools are they and how do they fit into the story? What kind of tools? Go where the prompt leads!

Submissions now closed. Read the full collection here.

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    1. I like how you pictured this character as an android! It was meant to be a human with cybernetic implants and modifications, but I love your perspective on it too. There’s a growing community of people who want to change the narrative of sci-fi toward more hopeful and positive imagery of AI. I’m glad you enjoyed this one!


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