I’m Rebecca,
A self-taught, passionate, amateur writer preferring Sci-Fi and Fantasy.
Inspired by my journey through motherhood.
A passion for nature and Biology bleeds into my work, building a strong base for my WIP, my debut novel.

I created RebeccaGlaessner.com to get my work out to the public, hoping for criticism and opinions from all walks of life to help me grow as a writer.

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Can’t wait to hear from you!
Kindest Regards,


I’m honoured to be a member of the Congress of Rough Writers headed by Charli Mills over at CarrotRanch.com
Charli challenges everyone to write a 99 word piece based on the prompt provided, and all pieces will be included in the weekly compilation.
With no commitments and a welcoming community, the weekly challenges are a great workout for your writing muscles and your imagination. Have a go! :)

If you would like updates on new posts, sign up to the Follow Via Email link on the side of the page and I promise not to spam you :)

I must also thank author, Holly Lisle and her How to Think Sideways ‘Boot Camp’ Workshops for writers, she knows how to keep you motivated and feeling appreciated.

Recent Posts

Prompt Inspired

  1. Free as a Child
  2. Binding a World
  3. New Life
  4. Spring Howls
  5. Selfish Devotion
  6. Old Mystery
  7. Porcelain
  8. Protector
  9. The Gift
  10. Red

Work In Progress (WIP) Inspired Fiction

Flash Fiction #1
Flash Fiction #2

On Writing

  1. The Tyranny of the First Draft
  2. What not to Say when you’re a Writer (and what to Say Instead)
  3. A Musing on Character Creation
  4. Blogger Recognition Award

Personal Updates

  1. Recuperating
  2. Behind the 8-Ball
  3. New Chapter

This is a personal blog and I don’t (nor intend to) make any money from it. The pieces I publish here are purely for fun and hopefully to gain some exposure as a writer in a vast community of those alike.

All written pieces published on RebeccaGlaessner.com are my own and require written permission before being used elsewhere, thank you.

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