I’m Rebecca :)

I am – luckily – a stay-at-home-mum of our two daughters and son, all under 3 years old. My partner works super long, challenging hours to ensure that I can be at home with our children, without the pressures of needing to contribute financially. Because of this, I have recently been able to put some time into my passion of writing.

I have adored reading since before school – I excelled in reading levels through the first years of school and continued it as a hobby ever since. At the beginning of high school, I became friends with people who were open about their love for the arts and literature and began experimenting with my own talents in both areas. I have a love for drawing/sketching, but I found that I kept being drawn back to writing.

My writing started as free form poetry – complaints about life and the world from a teenager’s point of view, I was trying to make sense of a very broken family. And though I wrote many pieces, I have always had a love for prose/fiction/stories.

I’ve had an idea for a novel since I started high school, and it has been continuously evolving with each new step in life – the fundamentals are there but I believe that the character of a story is just as important as the story/plot itself. Thus, as I have grown as a person (with some immensely appreciated support from my partner) so have my characters and the underlying issues I wish them to encounter along their journey.

At present, I am working on my skills as a writer – studying any and all aspects of novels in every spare moment I manage to find. Albeit sometimes procrastination from writing the novel itself but alas, I am a perfectionist, and I don’t want to write a 120,000 word epic sci-fi/fantasy novel and simply have to go back and get rid of much of the work I have put insane hours into.

Though, that’s probably just an excuse, and I should just sit my arse down and write with what ideas I have. Then I should toughen up and just edit the whole thing multiple times over, instead of continuing to put it aside – I don’t know! I’m struggling, I don’t want to ruin this incredible thing (I think) that has been with me for such a long time, this thing I have such a passion for!

But I guess that’s why I’m here.

I’m using this blog as an outlet to keep up my writing (I see this tip frequently from many different sources; that the only way to improve is to write every day – or as often as possible) even if it’s not for the novel itself, it is practise on some level.

And I’m also here for you. I’m here for your advice and your criticism. The only way I will get better is to have many people (with many different experiences, talents, opinions and different levels and areas of education) read and comment on my work.

I implore you to leave your mark and let me know what you think!

Kindest regards and many thanks,

Rebecca Patajac

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Your follow is very kind. I heartily recommend the just write principle. You’ll b unique, frankly, if you can write 120ks worth of book and it to be just so at the end. You can do it and editing can be a joy as you see the error and put it right. Please do write that first sentence (accepting you’ll change it a dozen times at least!) and go from there. Give your third baby air! And if you haven’t tried writing prompts and challenges do. It helps greatly and brings you into communities of supportive writers. I contribute flash at the Carrot Ranch Charil Mills is a fab promptess. Have a look and give it a whirl. Best.

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    1. That is such a wonderful way of looking at editing. I always hear people say that you just have to toughen up and push through the editing phase, but I never once thought of in a positive light. Being able to see your mistakes and having the opportunity to fix them as many times as you would like. Thank you for that insight.
      I looked into the Carrot Ranch and it looks like a great place for a weekly challenge, I will have to keep an eye on the next one.
      As for the novel/anthology being my third baby, that’ll only be if the one I’m carrying doesn’t pop out prior! Which is most likely to happen. The novel will then be my fourth, fifth or sixth baby, depending on when I complete it. I like the concept, it will be a kind of baby won’t it?
      Thank you for dropping by and leaving your thoughts, I’ll keep an eye open for your pieces :)
      Take care,

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      1. Boy what a handful. But of course the great thing about kids is they give you so much material for stories. As you’ll see if you glance at my blog my 24 year old and I are holidaying in New Zealand while he is between legal courses. He’s challenged me in ways I barely thought possible and I now have yet more story ideas! Do try Charli. She is amazingly supportive and insightful.

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        1. I did read that piece about the white water rafting, it looked like amazing fun! That’d be an incredible thing to incorporate into fiction, coming from a first-hand experience. I had no idea he was your son from the blog piece though, that’s wonderful that you have such a relationship. My best wishes for he and his course.
          My two little ones are only 1 and 2 at the moment, but I think my writing will definitely evolve with them once they start to read on their own. I think I may even write children’s books, the fantasy, freedom, excitement, innocence. It’ll be lovely.
          Thank you once again for directing me to Charli, I’ll be adding her blog to my list of writing resources.
          Take it easy :)

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  2. Hello Rebecca! I’m finally getting around visiting your blog. I’ve been a bad writer and blogger in the past few months, preparing for our first baby to come…
    Good luck with your writing journey. I wish you all the best. I know very well how daunting editing can be. I struggle a lot with it too. But it’s part of the journey and the important thing is to never give up.

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  3. Hi Rebecca,
    As you probably know from my blog, Far Beyond the Stars, I’m a writer too. I’m currently in the process of writing a 100,000-ish sic-fi/futuristic/dystopian novel and I post about science in my free time. Well, I also post about blogging awards now and then, and I picked you. Here you go—nominated for the Liebster Award! Enjoy!

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