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Rebecca writes sci-fi, inspired by the human condition, our place in the universe and the possibilities of current and future technology.

Here she shares her free flash fiction for your enjoyment while she works on her debut novel.

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Rebecca Glaessner Author

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Rebecca is an honoured member of the Congress of Rough Writers headed by Charli Mills over at:

The Carrot Ranch Literary Community

Most of Rebecca’s flash fiction pieces are based on prompts from the Carrot Ranch’s weekly challenge.

Every week, Charli Mills challenges everyone to write a 99 word piece based on the prompt provided, and all pieces are included in the next weekly compilation:

Flash Fiction Compilations

Join in here:

This Week’s Flash Fiction Challenge

With no commitments and a welcoming community, the weekly challenges are a great workout for your writing muscles and your imagination.

Rebecca also gives her thanks to author Holly Lisle.

Holly’s free – Write Flash Fiction that Doesn’t SUCK – course, and her many other clinics and courses for writers have played a huge part in Rebecca’s ability to master the craft.

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Holly knows how to keep you motivated and feeling appreciated, while teaching you exactly how to wrangle that elusive muse.

Find her at:

Holly’s Writing Classes

Find her also at:

Alone with Invisible People the Podcast

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