About the Author

I’m Rebecca,
A self-taught, passionate, amateur writer preferring Sci-Fi and Fantasy.
Inspired by my journey through motherhood.
A passion for nature and Biology bleeds into my work, building a strong base for my WIP, my debut novel.

I created RebeccaGlaessner.com to get my work out to the public, hoping for criticism and opinions from all walks of life to help me grow as a writer.

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Can’t wait to hear from you!

Kindest Regards,


I’m honoured to be a member of the Congress of Rough Writers headed by Charli Mills over at CarrotRanch.com
Charli challenges everyone to write a 99 word piece based on the prompt provided, and all pieces will be included in the weekly compilation.
With no commitments and a welcoming community, the weekly challenges are a great workout for your writing muscles and your imagination. Have a go! :)

If you would like updates on new posts, sign up to the Follow Via Email link on the side of the page and I promise not to spam you :)

I must also thank author, Holly Lisle and her How to Think Sideways ‘Boot Camp’ Workshops for writers, she knows how to keep you motivated and feeling appreciated.

This is a personal blog and I don’t (nor intend to) make any money from it. The pieces I publish here are purely for fun and hopefully to gain some exposure as a writer in a vast community of those alike.

All written pieces published on RebeccaGlaessner.com are my own and require written permission before being used elsewhere, thank you.

22 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Your follow is very kind. I heartily recommend the just write principle. You’ll b unique, frankly, if you can write 120ks worth of book and it to be just so at the end. You can do it and editing can be a joy as you see the error and put it right. Please do write that first sentence (accepting you’ll change it a dozen times at least!) and go from there. Give your third baby air! And if you haven’t tried writing prompts and challenges do. It helps greatly and brings you into communities of supportive writers. I contribute flash at the Carrot Ranch Charil Mills is a fab promptess. Have a look and give it a whirl. Best.

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    1. That is such a wonderful way of looking at editing. I always hear people say that you just have to toughen up and push through the editing phase, but I never once thought of in a positive light. Being able to see your mistakes and having the opportunity to fix them as many times as you would like. Thank you for that insight.
      I looked into the Carrot Ranch and it looks like a great place for a weekly challenge, I will have to keep an eye on the next one.
      As for the novel/anthology being my third baby, that’ll only be if the one I’m carrying doesn’t pop out prior! Which is most likely to happen. The novel will then be my fourth, fifth or sixth baby, depending on when I complete it. I like the concept, it will be a kind of baby won’t it?
      Thank you for dropping by and leaving your thoughts, I’ll keep an eye open for your pieces :)
      Take care,

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      1. Boy what a handful. But of course the great thing about kids is they give you so much material for stories. As you’ll see if you glance at my blog my 24 year old and I are holidaying in New Zealand while he is between legal courses. He’s challenged me in ways I barely thought possible and I now have yet more story ideas! Do try Charli. She is amazingly supportive and insightful.

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        1. I did read that piece about the white water rafting, it looked like amazing fun! That’d be an incredible thing to incorporate into fiction, coming from a first-hand experience. I had no idea he was your son from the blog piece though, that’s wonderful that you have such a relationship. My best wishes for he and his course.
          My two little ones are only 1 and 2 at the moment, but I think my writing will definitely evolve with them once they start to read on their own. I think I may even write children’s books, the fantasy, freedom, excitement, innocence. It’ll be lovely.
          Thank you once again for directing me to Charli, I’ll be adding her blog to my list of writing resources.
          Take it easy :)

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  2. Hello Rebecca! I’m finally getting around visiting your blog. I’ve been a bad writer and blogger in the past few months, preparing for our first baby to come…
    Good luck with your writing journey. I wish you all the best. I know very well how daunting editing can be. I struggle a lot with it too. But it’s part of the journey and the important thing is to never give up.

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  3. Looks like we have both benefited from traveling through Carrot Ranch and meeting the kind and generous people there. While sci-fi and fantasy are my least favorite genres, the ranchers have taught me to be more open. A story well told and interesting characters are really all that matters.

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    1. You can’t be more right with that one, the Carrot Ranch sparked my love for writing after a very long time and I’ve learned a lot there. Nothing pulls me in more than a real, flawed character, who I want to win and grow, it’s certainly the core of most powerful stories.

      My automatic writing style was fantasy, because it’s what I read most as a child/teen. But my passion now is sci-fi because of the immense and reachable potential in future worlds. And I always love a good bit of psychological exploration.

      Thanks for visiting! I hope you enjoy something of what you find here.

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          1. Thanks for following the longer verses site. – The fiction though is where most of the Carrot Ranch prompts are posted. You don’t have to follow the poetry sites if you are really interested in the flash fiction. I also do flash fiction for a couple of other sites. One is for fiction prompted by a photo. :)

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          2. I think I may have sent the wrong link to my Strands (though that is where the last Photo prompt piece ended up).

            But since you are asking I’ll send the last post from photo that was at my Fiction site so you’ll have both the fiction site and the photo prompt:
            Silent Stalker
            I try to keep organized… for myself.

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          3. Thanks! Got them all 😁 I love a good variety of different fiction from a range of authors, it’s good to see you dabble in different styles too. It’s refreshing. And I understand the organisation thing completely! Makes life so much smoother.

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