Blogger Recognition Award

First of all, an enormous thank you to Lady in Transition for including Love Literary Life in her Blogger Recognition Award.

I’m deciding to follow through with this invite, because I’d love to give back to the writing community for a change despite my rough time schedule.
I’ve been absent from blogging for a few months now, knuckling down on my debut novel, squeezing in time where my 3y/o, 2y/o and 4 month olds allow. I’m determined to get it finished.

I started Love Literary Life wanting to share my writing with a greater community, hoping for feedback and advice into the improvements I can make and it has been a wonderful experience. I’ve met so many talented and passionate writers with huge hearts who do nothing but give and encourage others. The writing community only grows when we support each other.

What I’ve learned so far from writing online and blogging, is there is a wonderful community out there, you just need to take the time to engage and show others you do appreciate their work. Positivity breeds positivity. If your thoughts are positive towards others, you will create more goodness in the world and more passion for the arts and life itself.
As for fictional writing, it’s harder than it seems. There’s so much thought, planning and time that needs to go into your work that goes unnoticed. It’s a constant battle with your inner voice who keeps telling you you’re not good enough, or that you don’t feel like writing today, or you just don’t have ideas that people will want to read about. It’s a constant battle. One that you need to win every time you sit down to write, because it’s the only way you will get there, it’s the only way you will realise how incredible that writing dream really is.

“Hard work beats talent where talent is lazy.” I’m not sure where I read that, but it’s one of my favourite quotes, and I hope it helps other writers and bloggers push through as it has for me.

But most of all, write for you. If you want to make money, sure, write in the niche’s that are developing strong. But make sure you do work that’s for you. It’s about what you enjoy, how you would want things to happen, pieces you would love to read. When you stop pondering on what other people want you to make happen, you have more time to put your heart and soul into your work and create something real and fulfilling. Do it.

Those on my list aren’t required to follow on with this Blogger Recognition Award, I just hope it brings you some new people to your audience. You all do wonderful work for very different reasons.

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