New Chapter

Now some people might be wondering about the lack of posts and networking on my behalf. This would be why:


On the 24th of April, our beautiful son Derrick was born and with 2 weeks off work, Daddy has been taking care of all of us while I recover. For this short time, I am relaxing and recovering, and spending some incredible quality time with the family.

I thank everyone for their continuous support of my writing life and I hope everyone is doing well.

I’ll be back on the writing wagon soon!

Take care and thank you all again

Behind the 8-Ball

Dear fellow writers and readers,

Feeling terrible at the moment. I’m pretty sure it’s just because we’ve moved house, with two toddlers and Christmas (with New Year’s still to come), but I feel like I’m falling behind and struggling for any kind of spare time.

With a third bub due in late April ’15, I don’t think I’ll find much more!

Not enough writing is getting done, nor enough reading or connecting with other writers/readers. Or will it always be that way?

I’d just like everyone to know, that I love reading the vast diversity of literary work from those I’ve connected with, and that I do appreciate the constant support and communication from each one of you. Sadly, I’d love to be able to properly read everyone’s pieces and to comment and provide support of my own, but I can’t seem to find the time at the moment.

Things will slow down after the New Year though; I’m staying positive! And I can’t wait to reconnect and share my little pieces of admiration for all of your works.

Keep writing, never stop reading, and always make time to daydream!

Kindest regards and best wishes for the holiday season and the New Year,



Apologies for the lack of posts in the past couple of weeks. I struggled through a bout of food poisoning and even put my novel work on hold. As for now, the other half is working 7 days a week so I’m focused solely on my novel when I have a chance to sit down and write while caring for our two little ones. My blog will hopefully gain some new content in the next week or two!
I hope everyone is doing well.
Take it easy and admire the beauty in life!