She crashed through the underbrush, branches whipping bare skin. Lifeblood dripped from scratches, soaking the soil, eventually feeding those with which she shared her homes. Heart pounding, she pushed on.
The creatures gained ground.
She clambered out of the tree-line into deep, rushing water and waited…

He conquered the treetops, branch by branch. The creatures would watch in awe, though never catch him. He spotted the cascading water.
A shot rang as he dove over the edge, freefall…
Cool water enveloped the pair as they embraced, panting, washing away their exhaustion and carrying them on toward a new home.

Rare Gem

A deep purple crystal warmed her hand. She searched, heart fluttering. A sea of people washing by, lives busy, unaware.
Eyes darting from face to face, she glanced from necklaces to clutched hands. She glimpsed an unfamiliar man, impressive with his suit and greying hair. Confused, he stared down at his palm.
She approached, dodging through the crowd. Her crystal growing warmer.
His eyes lifted and met hers. They locked.
She froze.
So you are the one? A deep voice rumbled in her mind, a soft smile sparkling in his eyes.
Smiling, she held her soul-stone to her heart.