Whispers Remain

People come out changed, or not at all, says the whispers.

Called me in ta’ fix a drone. Remembered thinkin’ their workers looked mindless, till one leaned in, showed me circuitry boosts I never could’a imagined.

Wondered, why me?

Then they hired me full time, ta learn their subatomics, an’ I keep gettin’ a sense there’s more, ‘sif regular scientists hit a wall they won’t never figure.

Them that disappear, there’s papers says they wanted to. I got my own papers now, says my skills are needed off-world.

But I’m stayin’.

Human scientists need help takin’ that wall down.

© 2021 Rebecca Glaessner

October 7: Flash Fiction Challenge « Carrot Ranch
In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story that includes whispers. It can be beautiful or creepy and any genre. Where are the whispers, who are they from, and what do they say if they say anything at all. Go where the prompt leads!

Submissions now closed. Read the full collection here.

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26 thoughts on “Whispers Remain

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  1. Your stories are really 198 words because I have to read them twice. Sometimes because I want to, and other times, like this, to get a better understanding of the story. The walls puzzled me a bit but then I saw a shattered earth with problems the scientists couldn’t solve and a hero who stays to help.

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    1. I definitely see where you got the postapocalyptic storyline. I like the shattered earth imagery you came up with, I hadn’t considered the walls being part of the plot as physical structures. That would be a thrilling world to write in, now I’m wondering what could’ve gone so wrong for them.


    1. That’s a practical idea, Doug. A door is much easier to build than tearing down a whole wall, that’s for sure! I wonder how close our own scientists are to cracking open the deeper doors of quantum mechanics. Glad this one got your cogs turning, thanks for stopping by 😊

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  2. Such a rich story that invites my imagination, Rebecca! Your photo reminds me of a tombstone shrouded in mist. The wall makes me think of ones we put up in the past but have difficulty remembering why. Each passage seems to ensnare the character more.

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  3. Likewise, you’re quick off the mark, Rebecca. A mysterious piece of flash that has lots of questions going through my mind. That wall is intriguing. Maybe the humans need help as it’s a wall they’re not sure even exists—a little like the wall that some say exists between this world and the next.

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      1. I’ve always had a vision of those on the other side having their ears up against a wall listening in on what we’re all doing, Rebecca. There is also a huge staircase they can climb or float up so as to look over the top.

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  4. You were quick off the mark, Rebecca, and came up with an intriguing piece. I’d like to know more about that wall, why it needs to be taken down, and why the human scientists can’t do it on their own.

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