To the Edge

“Due end of week,” she said.

I accepted the file transfer.

“Anything else?”

“Check in on the dome too, yeah?”

“Or we’ll all die?”

“Cold,” she said, her aug profile smirking.

“Mars is colder.”

“Answers for everything.”

“This trip wouldn’t work without me,” I said.

“Don’t be so sure.”

We ended comms.

I stared at my screen.

With a flick, I opened an isolated program and equipped a headset.

“Activate,” I said.

My private quarters morphed into the landscape of a digital alien world. Starships, exotic forests, grand ocean cities.

Reality wouldn’t send me over the edge just yet.


This was inspired by the Carrot Ranch’s weekly flash fiction prompts.

This week called for a story that goes to the edge in 99 words (no more, no less).

I’m fascinated by how we keep ourselves from the depths. The daily rituals we cling to, the darker callings we’re forever trying to fight out.

The strength it takes.

When I think of the edge, I think of human nature, who we are, who we will become, our ever growing potential.

It’s in us all.

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