New Chapter

Now some people might be wondering about the lack of posts and networking on my behalf. This would be why:


On the 24th of April, our beautiful son Derrick was born and with 2 weeks off work, Daddy has been taking care of all of us while I recover. For this short time, I am relaxing and recovering, and spending some incredible quality time with the family.

I thank everyone for their continuous support of my writing life and I hope everyone is doing well.

I’ll be back on the writing wagon soon!

Take care and thank you all again

12 thoughts on “New Chapter

  1. This is the best excuse I’ve yet heard for not blogging!
    Congratulation to you and all the family, and a warm welcome to the world to baby Derrick. I wish him a long healthy and happy life and you all much joy.

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    1. Thank you Norah for his well-wishes. We are so lucky to have him and grateful that the birth went smoothly. Slowly falling into a routine, he is such a laid-back baby, I’ll be writing again soon :D I hope you’re doing well also!

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    1. Thank you :) he is lovely! I see daddy so much in him and that has created a strong bond. I struggle to be as hard-set as I was with the girls when getting them into a routine, but we are getting there and he’s already sleeping in 4 hour blocks through the night!
      Take care of yourself too :) I’ll be back at the Carrot Ranch soon!


    1. Derrick had been sensational at sleeping and eating so daddy has had a couple of sleep ins and we get a couple of hours for each other every night. He was in charge of our two girls, but we’re slowly developing a routine and now I can help him around the house a lot more.
      They are wonderful times, and we are settling well. Thank you :)

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