Binding a World

Day by day, the population thinned. Babies weren’t being conceived as often as they once had. The sun’s radiation increased week by week. Cancer counts increased. Hospitals overflowed. Lives faded.
Those with fair skin donned sunscreen every morning without fail, before continuing life. Most just stayed indoors.
All were failing fertility tests.

Years pass.
A coloured President. A Prime Minister. Council and Board members. School principals. Teachers. Newspeople. Neighbours. Friends. They all grew darker.
White folk just weren’t strong enough; their evolutionary lines unprepared.
The last died and all others pushed onward, brown skin binding a world in peace.

10 thoughts on “Binding a World

  1. I once read a statistic that how by a certain year would all be mixed race. Even our history shows it, but cultural phobias are hard to overcome. Having come from a conference where I sat in on a session about writing “the other” I think we need to be more diverse in our writing and tackle complex characters. Good for you to be brave and put out something that you thought might make others uncomfortable. That’s a compelling thought — that as the sun grows hotter, our pigmentation may truly color the world brown!

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    1. I’m not a fan of asking a person about their nationality since we are almost at the point where you can’t discern any differences between them e.g. one person’s definition of an Australian is definitely different to other’s. As with most countries. Due to equality movements of recent generations, more couples are of different descents and thus the following generations won’t be any single ‘race’, but rather a mix of many.
      I believe in the statistics completely, that in the not-too-distant future, we will all be mixed.
      I adore biology, and have always respected the attributes of coloured people that make them more suited to the natural world. I’ve never thought of any kind of person as better than another because everyone has the potential for incredible goodness in the world, but when I think scientifically, when I study the animal world, I appreciate the evolutionary path the human race has been down in order to produce the darkened pigmentation to survive in the natural world.
      I do hope I don’t offend anyone though, but as with most things in life: you can’t please everyone?
      Thank you for taking the time to leave your thoughts :) I love discussing my pieces from all different perspectives.


  2. That is an interesting thought, Rebecca. I have very fair skin, unsuited to the Australia sun, and do apply sunscreen as part of my daily regime. As the world heats up life in the outdoors will become even more perilous for fair-skinned people.
    You story reminds me of this song from long ago: Melting Pot.

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    1. Ah, a great big melting pot. Mix all of the races over and over and eventually there won’t be a visible difference (aside from everyone’s unique appearance). Though unfortunately I think there will always be something that people will use to force wedges between societies, no matter if our end goals are the same. Thank you for reading Norah, and for the link :)

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      1. I’m not so sure the melting pot would be a good thing anyway. Why do we have to be the same to accept and appreciate each other. What is so wrong about accepting and appreciating our differences?

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        1. Unfortunately I think that’s just the way of our society at the moment. It will be a few hundred years before everyone views each other as equal. And even then, there will be rebellious groups made up of a person here and another there who slipped through the cracks of a nurturing system and felt hard-done-by.

          As animals, and creatures of a primal survival nature, our first instinct and natural reaction is to defend ourselves. If we happen to see the wrong person as the enemy because we don’t know any better, then nothing will stop us from fighting against that person.

          It’s a sad process though an intriguing one. I’d love to see a world where everyone realises they have the right and the capability to be happy no matter their circumstances. That people are trying to help despite the mistakes those people might make in the process.

          I’d hate to be in politics, our societies are too great and our technologies too far behind to support every unique situation. With that then come angry groups of people causing more havoc for the system. It’s tough.

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          1. Tough indeed. And I think you are right. We can’t change human nature. I wouldn’t like to be in politics either. It is a tough job. They are just people after all, making tough decisions in tough situations; and sometimes it seems that no matter what decision they make it will always be the wrong one. Does that mean there is no ‘right’ decision? I’ll repeat your words again: I think it’s tough.

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