She crashed through the underbrush, branches whipping bare skin. Lifeblood dripped from scratches, soaking the soil, eventually feeding those with which she shared her homes. Heart pounding, she pushed on.
The creatures gained ground.
She clambered out of the tree-line into deep, rushing water and waited…

He conquered the treetops, branch by branch. The creatures would watch in awe, though never catch him. He spotted the cascading water.
A shot rang as he dove over the edge, freefall…
Cool water enveloped the pair as they embraced, panting, washing away their exhaustion and carrying them on toward a new home.

10 thoughts on “Revival

  1. You have us hooked from the beginning in this fast-paced story. Strong verbs (or “sexy” as a prof of mine used to call them). The way that nature seeps into the scene is organic, and the water become a lifeline. Great tension. Nature writers don’t just describe, they use the environment to move and hold the story, shape the characters and you’ve done this well.

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    1. I am humbled by your kind words. In fear of repeating myself time and time again, I won’t say much other than thank you for reading, and I’m truly glad that you enjoyed this piece.
      Nature has such strength over every aspect of our world and our being, I cannot see my writing ever without its influence.


  2. I loved your story although my interpretation may not be yours. I see animals being chased by hunters. The animals share their home and everything they do helps feed and sustain others in thier environment. The hunters force them off their land but together the mates will find a new home thanks to the river. Humans can be so destructive of the environment.

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    1. That is a very close interpretation to my initial idea, though Charli suggested the use of a person/people for a character so I couldn’t utilise my usual respect and passion for animals. I am glad you gained the essence of my beliefs from this piece. That makes me happy :)

      I was thinking more along the lines of fantasy, where there are people who are living within and are so connected with nature that they are as vital a part as any animal. And then there are regular humans, as destructive and closed-minded as we can be.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I loved to read them.

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        1. It helps to build up my confidence in my writing and in my ability to get a message across, knowing that others have understood what I was trying to say, it’s wonderful. It’s also an eye opener when a reader’s opinion is much different to my own, it helps me see the world and my views in a brand new light.
          You’ll never stop learning when you communicate with an open mind! And I certainly think writing helps that.

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