Nutty Aunt

“Why are you so stupid?” He roared at her.
“Don’t touch me!” She screamed back.
The yelling grew louder and echoed up the stairwell. I cuddled one of my younger sisters.
We tip-toed downstairs, tear streaked faces glancing down the hall. My hands shook.
Reaching the front door, we ducked outside.
Fresh air.
We raced, hearts pounding, to our neighbour’s, knowing she had heard it all.
Her front door swung open, a soft smile on her face.
We turned up some music as craft boxes cracked open, flour coated the kitchen and toys spilled across the floor.
Always laughing.

6 thoughts on “Nutty Aunt

  1. Excellent flash portraying the children’s violent home life. I loved the contrast with next door where they were loved, protected and the flour flew. I think they were very lucky to have a nutty aunt living next door. It sounds like they needed her and they needed her to be nutty to bring joy into their lives. Very moving.

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    1. She certainly was (and still is) a wonderful woman. I think it allowed the parents some space to work things out between themselves too. It was a good thing for everyone. Thank you for having a read and I’m glad you enjoyed it :)

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