Life cycle of a book

Each printed marking felt warm on my leaves. Though the binding hurt a little, it was finished soon after and I was in darkness.
Rumbling, stop, start, up and down, until the light came again and I saw many others like me.
Many, many others.
Light and dark cycled, until a creature held me.
The creature opened me, our souls linking all through the wondrous moments it spent with me and my leaves became well worn.

There was darkness for a while, until one day, more light though this time, a smaller creature, with big eyes and soft hands.

10 thoughts on “Life cycle of a book

  1. I love the innocence of the book and your humorous…”many, many others.” I grew teary at the souls linking, and then you plunged my emotions deeper with the passing on of a book to a child. Beautiful and the writing elegant!

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    1. Oh wow, I had no idea this piece would have such an effect! My heart is bursting with happiness, hearing such wonderful feedback. I was ‘iffy’ about it all evening, thinking that I should’ve focused more on the link between a person and a book, and put more emphasis on the child. But I guess, I did well. Thank you very much for your kind words


    1. Ahaha, I hope not either. I think I didn’t end its life, because I think a book’s life is never really over, and I hope that books are taken care of so they last for generations. Thank you for dropping by to have a read and for leaving your thoughts :)


  2. This stirred the emotions. Books always stir emotion firstly from the written word and then the pleasure we get from a book becomes the book – the feel of the pages, the texture of the cover, the smell they have. You have done a lovely job bringing those emotions out in the life of a book and also the life span of humans adult/child.

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    1. I do love how books stir emotions, and I love the smell! As soon as I’d read this prompt, it was the first item I thought of, it just had to be written.
      Thank you for your lovely thoughts, and for taking the time to read this piece. I am so glad you enjoyed it :)

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