Engulfed in the Moment

I lay face down on the floor, eyes closed. Giggles ensue, but not from me, they flitter in and out around me. Over there. Here. No, behind me. Wait, right in front.
Uh oh…
I feel little fingers dancing along my sides. More giggles.
Now they’re on top; a solid body slam from each ensured that. Their tiny forms bouncing and laughing as I call for help beneath them.
“Get her good,” their dad appears close by.
Another slam.
I catch my breath and turn my head in the direction of his voice.
Arms crossed, he smiles.

6 thoughts on “Engulfed in the Moment

  1. Sorry, Rebecca! Just as I was going to comment my computer started shutting down–a power cord issue. But it’s working for the moment! Back for a proper comment because this is such a warm and wonderful piece of writing. The state of being parents; and the tables can turn at any time–I recall my husband being the one getting body-slammed. Our kids loved the book, “Hop on Pop.” Such a great in the moment flash!

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    1. Thank you for your kind words :) it was the first thing I thought of when I sat down to write a piece for this week’s prompt. And yes, normally they are on top of daddy, especially with my belly growing bigger every day :D but he was busy helping me with dinner and happened to walk in to admire the girls’ handiwork for a moment, as he does haha. I adored the Dr. Suess books as a child and can’t wait to buy and read them to our little ones, so much fantasy and fun. In fact, I think our oldest might be ready for them now at 2 1/2 years old. Exciting times! :D


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