Behind the 8-Ball

Dear fellow writers and readers,

Feeling terrible at the moment. I’m pretty sure it’s just because we’ve moved house, with two toddlers and Christmas (with New Year’s still to come), but I feel like I’m falling behind and struggling for any kind of spare time.

With a third bub due in late April ’15, I don’t think I’ll find much more!

Not enough writing is getting done, nor enough reading or connecting with other writers/readers. Or will it always be that way?

I’d just like everyone to know, that I love reading the vast diversity of literary work from those I’ve connected with, and that I do appreciate the constant support and communication from each one of you. Sadly, I’d love to be able to properly read everyone’s pieces and to comment and provide support of my own, but I can’t seem to find the time at the moment.

Things will slow down after the New Year though; I’m staying positive! And I can’t wait to reconnect and share my little pieces of admiration for all of your works.

Keep writing, never stop reading, and always make time to daydream!

Kindest regards and best wishes for the holiday season and the New Year,


3 thoughts on “Behind the 8-Ball

  1. I’ve come to see life in seasons. I had seasons like this, juggling home and responsibilities. Diapers and dishes are every day and that truth can feel daunting. It passes. And rather quickly in hindsight. But writers are people who observe, live and connect. Even when you don’t have time to tap the keys or stroke the page, your mind and imagination still churn away. I remember a season when I did not read a complete book in over 5 years. It frightened me! I was always a voracious reader. It passed. It then took me three “starts” and six years to write a single draft of a novel. The next year it took me 28 days. One thing is certain–we can’t dictate how and when the writing and reading comes. We can make gentle goals that fit our season. What matters most is being present wherever and whatever life is right now. Trust me, it will grow you as a writer more than trying to keep up with blogs and words. Keep dreaming, and I wish you a fulfilling 2015!

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    1. Wow, such wonderful words, thank you very much for the insight.
      It has reached that stage where I think I’ll never have the time to read and write efficiently, or that I feel like I am wasting opportunities when I choose to spend my time organising the house, with the other half or with our little ones. I know that the time is well spent when I am caring for my family, but I have felt like my writing will always be on the back-burner.
      Thank you very much for the wise words, and I can certainly understand! I have restarted so many books I have already read (because I know for certain that I will still learn more from them as opposed to brand new books), but even those I have struggled to finish in the past 3 years so far.
      I think that when all of the little ones are off to school in 8-ish years (we are hoping for a 4th and perhaps a 5th too), I will definitely have more spare time than I know what to do with. I just have to be patient and stop being so hard on myself.
      Thank you once again for taking the time to share your thoughts, they have really brought me back to reality and you can be sure that I will be thinking about them often, reminding myself to be present.
      I wish you a wonderful 2015 also :) with lots of growth and minimal drama.
      Infinite thanks!


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