Flash Fiction #1

This is my first attempt at Flash Fiction, guided by Holly Lisle’s free How to Write Flash Fiction that doesn’t Suck Workshop. It’s inspired by my current WIP (an epic sci-fi/fantasy novel).

I’d love to hear your thoughts:
The bench curved nicely, cradling her. The back of it supported her spine. She relaxed; relieved from the pressure of her cold lab stool.
A willow bowed overhead, drooping around her, and a stream trickled somewhere nearby.
She smelled broken leaves and cut grass.
Brown ears flicked behind a bush, catching her eye.
She approached slowly. Peering between the leaves, she spotted a deer’s brown eye.
Its head turned, ears forward, studying.
She stepped around the bush. The deer’s gaze trained on her.
She reached out, avoiding the deer’s eye.
It stretched its neck toward her.
Fingertips just inches from its soft nose, she felt its warm breath against her skin.
The deer flickered as her fingers passed straight through.
She let her arm drop to her side.
It turned away and bounded off into the trees. Her surrounds melted, leaving behind a bright white room, with a single chair.
“You can’t keep doing that,” echoed a voice from the walls.
“I know, Lucas.”
She left the Holochamber.

Her white apartment walls gave her a headache, but she didn’t have the energy to get up and adjust the setting.
A machine spoke, “your espresso is ready Ma’am. You have two credits remaining this month.”
She’d have to get up and get her coffee though.
She sipped, the warmth seeped through her as she leant against the bench.
Opposite, images flicked across the wall; a smiling lady in a white coat, an Orangutan’s arms around her. A baby gorilla. A cat, sprawled beneath blue sky.
Her eyes fell on her computer screen, an email flagged red.
Subject: URGENT Specimen Complication.
Her heart sunk.
She tapped the screen, placing her coffee aside.

Dr Brooks,

Specimen HP0127 escaped captivity.
Due to complications, HP0127 was terminated in order to protect human life.
Another specimen will be transferred from the GenGrowth lab as soon as possible for your research.
Do you require another from Family Ponginae to replace 0127? Or would you like one from Gorillinae instead?
Also, submit your completed report for specimen HG0035 tomorrow. Allocated food is finished and we need to end its residence.

Thank you for your patience and understanding,

Dr Morris

A lump stuck firm in her throat. She gazed at the screen through tears for a moment before she laid in bed. Her hot coffee awaited morning.

Early next morning, she gazed out the jet’s window, her head abuzz from caffeine. A dark landscape of dust and death stretched below.
“I heard about 0127.”
Lucas’ familiar voice drifted into her thoughts. He sat beside her.
Acid rain began to sheet the windows as they sped past.
“We will find something this time, I can feel it.”
She doubted anything had survived through the force at the site of the asteroid impact, but she appreciated anything that could keep her mind off of 0127.
He was trying to cheer her up; she flashed him a smile and contemplated letting 0035 loose on Dr Morris.
He’d do some lovely damage.